Rugged Snow Pushers and Attachments Built to Last

Snow Pusher Accessories

Need to clear snow in a tight spot?

A back drag might be the answer. The back drag can mount to any pusher model 3120 and smaller and add another layer of efficiency to your operation. The back drag works great for removing snow in front of garages or in those pesky inside corner parking spots next to a curb. Simply tip the snow pusher all the way forward and use the rubber edge back drag to pull the snow back to a spot where you can push it away. The rubber edge is reversible and replaceable.

Additional Parts:

Call for Pricing.
  • Touch-up Paint
  • Cover Plate
  • Extension Shoes
  • Nuts and Bolts

Below is a price list of our most popular accessories and consumables.


I did a ton of research before settling on a ZMI Pusher. It seemed every model was $200 to $400 less expensive than comparable models and your designs were top notch...

Part # Description Price Quantity
2P04410 Chain Kit for Pushers $195
3P00010 960 Painted Shoe $100.00
3P00070 1071 Painted Shoe $100.00
3P00200 2000 Painted Right Shoe $125.00
3P00250 2000 Painted Left Shoe $125.00
3P00750 3000 Painted Right Shoe $175.00
3P00800 3000 Painted Left Shoe $175.00
3P02600 4000 Painted Right Shoe $200.00
3P02650 4000 Painted Left Shoe $200.00
1P00870 1"x6" Rubber Cutting Edge 6' $148.00
1P00880 1"x6" Rubber Cutting Edge 7' $166.00
1P00890 1"x6" Rubber Cutting Edge 8' $194.00
1P00900 1"x6" Rubber Cutting Edge 10' $240.00
1P00910 1-1/2"x10" Rubber Cutting Edge 8' $395.00
1P00920 1-1/2"x10" Rubber Cutting Edge 10' $486.00
1P00930 1-1/2"x10" Rubber Cutting Edge 12' $584.00
1P00940 1-1/2"x10" Rubber Cutting Edge 14' $681.00
1P00950 1-1/2"x10" Rubber Cutting Edge 16' $778.00
1P00960 1-1/2"x10" Rubber Cutting Edge 18' $876.15
1P00970 1-1/2"x10" Rubber Cutting Edge 20' $973.00
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