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John Deere Quick Attach Snow Pushers

We can ship factory direct anywhere in the North Eastern US for $99!

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Model 960 – 6ft wide: $1165
Model 1071 – 7ft wide:   $1365
960 w/ back drag: $1675
1071 w/ back drag: $1960
Product Highlights:
  • Available in 6ft and 7ft wide
  • Adjustable rubber cutting edge
  • Adjustable skid shoes
  • 1/4″ side plates
  • Hardened skid plates
  • 1″x6″ rubber cutting edge
  • Offered in John Deere Quick Attach
  • Model 960 weighs 285lbs
  • Model 1071 weighs 390lbs
  • Add a Back Drag to either the 6′ or 7′ box to easily clean up in front of garages and in inside corners.

John Deere with Snow Pusher

Factory John Deere snow pushers and snow plows are expensive.  Like, really, really expensive.  And of course John Deere uses their own unique quick attach system not common across the industry.  This locks you into their components at their (obscenely high) price.

We stock our compact and sub compact pushers with John Deere Quick Attach.  No other snow pusher manufacturers do this.  Now you can use the most efficient snow removal tool with connections that actually belong to your tractor.

And why should you use a snow pusher on your John Deere tractor?  Well there are 2 very good reasons.  First, a snow pusher will get your plow job done quicker and easier than a snow blower or snow plow.  No more snow blowing into your face and no making a hundred passes to clean up all that extra spill off from your plow.  Second, there are no extra attachments or modifications.  A snow pusher doesn’t use a power angle so you’ll save money in both set up and bottom line price.

Shop around if you must, but this is the lowest priced snow pusher with John Deere Quick Attach on the market.  Give us a call!

John Deere Snow Pusher Model 1071

John Deere Snow Pusher Model 960