Rugged Snow Pushers and Attachments Built to Last

Forklift – Stacker Series

Designed for use in the tight corridors of a lumber yard, the ZMI Snow Stacker, is perfect for all applications involved in removing snow with a forklift. The dumping mechanism allows for easy stacking in tight areas where trucks cannot access and is able to stack much higher than typical snow removal equipment, making the Snow Stacker a great solution for confined areas.

No power or hydraulics needed to dump

Little to no maintenance required

Can hold up to 2.5 cubic yards of snow

Built to order to fit your machines specifications

Reinforced entry points on fork tubing for added strength

AR 400 hardened steel cutting edge and wear plates

Designed for Moffetts, Telehandlers and Forklifts

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Here are a few things we’ll need to design and fabricate your snow stacker:
  • Make and model of machine
  • Length of forks
  • Width of forks
  • Space between forks (Inside to Inside)
  • Width of wheel base (outer dimension)
  • Lift capacity of machine
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