Rugged Snow Pushers and Attachments Built to Last

Snow Pushers

Time is Money

ZM Industries Snow Pushers will save you time – lots of it. Saving time means you save on expensive diesel fuel and labor. Not to mention you’ll save wear and tear on your greatest asset aside from you yourself – your equipment.

Can’t I just use my bucket to plow snow?

Sure you can. But is your bucket outfitted with wear shoes on each side and a rubber scraping edge? Can you keep your bucket level with the ground on a 100 yard push in an uneven parking lot? Is your bucket 10ft wide and 3ft tall? You can either buy a ZM snow pusher once or buy a new bucket every spring.

Wouldn’t a snow blade be better?

Heck no. Look closely at all the big names in snow plow manufacturing. They’re all adding wing kits to their truck plows. Why? Extra capacity and to keep all that snow from spilling off the sides. Our side panels are 2-4ft deep and 2-4ft tall. Don’t be that guy who backs up 17 times in an open parking lot to clean up all those little trails of snow that spill off the sides. Get it done in 3 pushes and go home early.

Just how much can I save?

Depends on how much time you’re wasting now. Let’s do a simple math problem and disregard efficiency of design for now (perhaps the biggest player). Let’s assume a generously sized skid steer bucket of 6ft wide with a capacity of roughly .65 cubic yards. Our model 2100 snow pusher is 10ft wide and 35″ tall with a capacity of 3.3 yards just within the pusher itself, not accounting for the snow that rides outside the box during a push. That’s a 5X increase in capacity – even with our very conservative calculation. It’s just smart math.

Why a ZM Industries Snow Pusher?

Our pushers are backed by a 10-year warranty and are built heavy. We don’t have a returns department because we never get returns. Through engineering and design we have a product that is meant to stand the test of time and the abuse of heavy equipment. In addition to a well-made product, we also strive to provide the best service and technical support in the industry. Whether it has been 20 days or 20 years since your last purchase, ZMI has your back.

Series 900 – Sub-Compact Tractors

Snow blowing is for those who like snow blowing – at their face. The 960 snow pusher for sub-compact tractors is the only smart choice. It’s cheaper and easier to use than a tractor mount snow blower and much more efficient than a simple straight blade snow plow. If you’ve tried using your bucket to push snow you already know that doesn’t work. With the pusher you just drop the bucket onto the hardened skid shoes and start pushing. Gravel driveway? No problem. Just set the rubber cutting edge to the appropriate height and get to work. This pusher is available in both John Deere Quick Attach and Universal Quick Attach.

Series 1000 – Compact Tractors

Have a compact loader tractor for all of those home and ranch jobs? Need a more efficient way to remove your snow? If so, the 1000 Series Snow Pusher fits the bill. This tough little pusher is most commonly the choice for residential use and typically paired with smaller skid steers or compact tractors. Dimensions are 26″ tall by 7ft wide. The weight is ideal for compact tractors at 390lbs. Have a John Deere tractor? We have you covered by stocking the 1071 in John Deere Quick Attach.

Series 2000 – Skid Steer Pushers

Hook up any of your light construction equipment, be it skidsteers or backhoes, to these versatile pushers. The 2000 Series Snow Pushers are offered in 8′ and 10′ lengths with a 35″ back height. These pushers utilize a rugged design with a 4-bolt shoe pattern, steel gusseted pusher blade, and a rubber scraping edge. Have some medium sized jobs? This pusher is for you!

Series 3000 – Backhoe Snow Pushers

Best suited for use with your medium/heavy duty construction equipment, the 3000 Series is built to move snow and move it quickly. The double gusseted pusher blade ensures trouble free operation and the rubber edge is thick and tall. Available with a 36″ back height and in widths of 10 to 14ft, these pushers are the ideal match for large jobs.

Series 4000 – Loader Snow Pushers

If you are going with the biggest pushers in our line up, you better come with a serious job. Available in 12ft to 20ft, the 4000 Series is a monster featuring a 48” tall back and 50” deep side plates. Highlighted by the Main Channel- a section of structural channel iron that the entire unit ties into, the 4000’s are built to perform and should be partnered with heavy-duty equipment. Truly a brute. Let it snow!

John Deere Quick Attach Snow Pushers


John Deere Tractors are one of the world’s most popular tractor brands and with good reason- being in business for over 100 years providing quality products tends to do that for a company. Nevertheless, when you buy a John Deere you are buying the brand and that means all your attachments are made with John Deere couplers and come with a John Deere price tag. ZMI offers the same unique coupler system to fit your John Deere tractor but with a ZMI price tag instead. Don’t let the price fool you- our products and couplers are the highest quality on the market. After all, we have a 10-year manufacturer warranty on everything we fabricate.

Model Size Weight Blade Thickness Rubber Edge Size Side Thickness Bucket / HP Skidsteer Backhoe Loader Duty Attachment (Custom Available)
960 18"x6' 285 lbs 1/8" 1"x6" 1/4" 22-36hp X - - Residential Quick Attach Scoop In
1071 2'2"x7' 390 lbs 1/8" 1"x6" 1/4" 36-46 HP X - - Residential Quick Attach Scoop In
2080 2'11"x8' 780 lbs 1/8" 1"x6" 3/8" 46-70 HP X X - Light Construction Quick Attach Scoop In
2100 2'11"x10' 820 lbs 1/8" 1"x6" 3/8" 46-70 HP X X - Light Construction Quick Attach Scoop In
3100 3'x10' 1200 lbs 3/16" 1.5"x10" 3/8" 50-80 HP X X - Med/Heavy Construction Quick Attach Scoop In
3120 3'x12' 1550 lbs 3/16" 1.5"x10" 3/8" 70-90 HP X X - Med/Heavy Construction Quick Attach Scoop In
3140 3'x14' 1720 lbs 3/16" 1.5"x10" 3/8" 85-100 HP - X X Med/Heavy Construction Scoop In
4120 4'x12' 2450 lbs 3/16" 1.5"x10" 3/8" 1.5 YD, 115 HP - X X Heavy Construction Scoop In
4140 4'x14' 2650 lbs 3/16" 1.5"x10" 3/8" 2 YD, 125 HP - - X Heavy Construction Scoop In
4160 4'x16' 2850 lbs 3/16" 1.5"x10" 3/8" 3 YD, 135 HP - - X Heavy Construction Scoop In
4180 4'x18' 3050 lbs 3/16" 1.5"x10" 3/8" 3.25 YD, 165 HP - - X Heavy Construction Scoop In
4200 4'x20' 3250 lbs 3/16" 1.5"x10" 3/8" 4+ YD, 200 HP - - X Heavy Construction Scoop In
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