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Sand Bed Groomers

Sand beds are possibly the best when it comes to cow comfort and milk production but that comes with a catch- they need to be well maintained and groomed. Sand beds need a lot of attention and the odds of getting a farm hand to rake each bed daily are slim to none. A ZMI sand bed groomer lets your skid steer do the raking. Keep your beds groomed and your cows happy and producing more milk with a ZMI sand bed groomer!

  • Hydraulic Rake swings in and out for Easy Transport.
  • Rake arm constructed of 4” x 4” x ¼” Square Tubing for Strength.
  • Rake arm tines are made from 1” Solid Steel.
  • Comes standard with Universal Quick Attach.
Optional Accessories
Part # Description Price Quantity
3E01400 Sand Bed Groomer w/ Universal QA $1125
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