Rugged Snow Pushers and Attachments Built to Last

Rock buckets

Our highly praised rock buckets are among the best in the industry. Remove rocks in seconds with this well designed “stone cold remover.” ZMI Rock Buckets come standard with Universal Quick Attach for easy application- Just hook up and go.

  • Offered in 5,6 and 7’ Widths with 3” or 4” spacing.
  • Heavy Duty Tines from 1 ½” Solid Steel.
  • Flattened Bevel to Reduce Rock Hang-up.
  • Easy Flow Design also holds Rocks at the same time.
  • Side Plates are 3/16” thick for Strength.
  • Features Non-Skid Step Plate for Safety.
  • Can be Custom Built to Suit your Needs.
  • Standard with Universal QA.
Optional Accessories
Part # Description Price Quantity
3E00640 Rock Bucket 5' x 3" Spacing $1250
3E00650 Rock Bucket 5' x 4" Spacing $1150
3E00630 Rock Bucket 6' x 3" Spacing $1350
3E00660 Rock Bucket 6' x 4" Spacing $1250
3E00620 Rock Bucket 7' x 3" Spacing $1450
3E00670 Rock Bucket 7' x 4" Spacing $1350
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