Rugged Snow Pushers and Attachments Built to Last

Land Rollers

Land Rollers are becoming more popular as progressive farmers are using them to better their crop yield. They create a smooth surface for better seed-to-soil contact and reduce moisture loss. They press rocks into the ground making for faster planting, and decrease the amount of rock and other debris collected during harvest. Our field rollers are like none other on the market. The custom design features a center floating roller that stabilizes the unit and keeps the side rollers in contact with the ground.

  • From Transport Mode to Field Mode in under 1 Minute!
  • All Lengths Fold to 13’6” when in Transport Mode.
  • Drums are 20” in Diameter and ½” Thick.
  • Plugs on each Drum for Water Fill when extra weight is needed.
  • Custom Center Roller is adjustable to equalize ground pressure.
  • Adjustable Steel Scrapers keep rollers free from mud and debris.
  • Call for Pricing.
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